Peace Mail / February 13-19 , 2018

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Viernes, Febrero 23, 2018

Weekly Update on the implementation of the Peace Agreement. The final peace accord contains a three-pronged approach to ensuring fulfillment of commitments included in the text: the Commission for Monitoring, Promotion, and Verification of the Implementation of the Peace Accord (CSIVI), the National Reincorporation Council (CNR) and the GOC-FARC-UN tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MM&V).This callout box includes a weekly update on releases and work specifically related implementing the Final Peace Accord between the Government and the FARC in Colombia.

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The FARC held a meeting with the Minister of the Interior in order to discuss their perceived lack of security guarantees. Another former FARC guerrilla and beneficiary of the Amnesty Law was killed, bringing the total to 38 members of the political organization since the implementation of the accords (December 2016). The National Ombudsman’s Office has identified 287 municipalities in 29 different departments that contain significant security risks. Despite ongoing challenges in this domain, the FARC political party announced on Sunday, February 18th, that it would be re-starting its political campaign, which had been suspended 12 days prior due to attacks against party members. However, that same day, the planned press conference for FARC Senate candidate Iván Márquez was cancelled due to threats in the city of Barranquilla.

ELN faces repercussions for assassinations, armed strike

Three former FARC members, missing since January 25th, were determined to have been killed by the ELN in the department of Nariño. Their families were handed over to their families by the medical examiner, and arrest warrants issued by the Prosecutor’s Office against two ELN leaders suspected as responsible. The whereabouts of a fourth missing FARC members are still unknown. The Prosecutor’s Office has issued a total of 21 new warrants for ELN members, including five members of the guerrilla organization’s Central Command, for attacks carried out during the organization’s armed strike, and for the forced recruitment of minors. 


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Reintegración y Prevención del Reclutamiento (RPR)