Peace Mail / February 20-26 , 2018

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Jueves, Marzo 1, 2018
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Weekly Update on the implementation of the Peace Agreement. The final peace accord contains a three-pronged approach to ensuring fulfillment of commitments included in the text: the Commission for Monitoring, Promotion, and Verification of the Implementation of the Peace Accord (CSIVI), the National Reincorporation Council (CNR) and the GOC-FARC-UN tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MM&V).This callout box includes a weekly update on releases and work specifically related implementing the Final Peace Accord between the Government and the FARC in Colombia.

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Seizures of FARC assets this week raised doubts about the group’s compliance with the Peace Accord. Authorities seized assets valued at more than US$234 million (70% of the FARC’s declared wealth)1, and arrested several individuals suspected of laundering money through a chain of small supermarkets tied to the former guerrilla group. The Peace Accord with the FARC requires that they make an inventory of their assets in order to fund the reparation of victims of the armed conflict, and the legal benefits they enjoy are dependent on their providing this information. The seizure and arrests could undermine the demobilized guerrillas’ political party, the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC), during the upcoming elections.

On 26 February, the ELN announced a ceasefire which will take place over the legislative election period from 9 to 13 March. The group also reiterated their commitment to the peace process, calling on the GoC to set a date for the resumption of the 5th Round of talks in Quito, which has been suspended since 29 January following the group’s attack on a police station in Barranquilla. The talks, they state, should form a “Great National Dialogue,” and a forum in which to set the terms of a new bilateral ceasefire. President Santos responded with a commitment to study their requests, but the governmental delegation for the moment remains in Colombia. The Rafael Lombana Cabrera Collective, which brings together the ELN’s political prisoners, denounced the assassination of an ELN political prisoner in the municipality of San Pablo, southern Bolívar, on 20 February. Improving the conditions of political prisoners was one of the GoC’s commitments during the previous ceasefire.

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Reintegración y Prevención del Reclutamiento (RPR)