Peace Mail / March 27 - April 2 , 2018

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Miércoles, Abril 4, 2018

Weekly Update on the implementation of the Peace Agreement. The final peace accord contains a three-pronged approach to ensuring fulfillment of commitments included in the text: the Commission for Monitoring, Promotion, and Verification of the Implementation of the Peace Accord (CSIVI), the National Reincorporation Council (CNR) and the GOC-FARC-UN tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MM&V).This callout box includes a weekly update on releases and work specifically related implementing the Final Peace Accord between the Government and the FARC in Colombia.

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 Ivan Duque, the Centro Democrático presidential candidate, this week proposed reforms to the Peace Accord between the FARC and the GOC, which would exclude former combatants from political participation and make drugs trafficking unviable for amnesty.1 He also repeated former president Uribe’s proposal that the six high courts be combined into one “super-court,” doing away with the JEP and the Constitutional Court. Supporters claim this would simplify the system and promote legal guarantees for all Colombians, while critics fear it would put an end to judicial independence.2 Given the success of the Centro Democrático, Cambio Radical, and the Conservative Party in the 11 March legislative elections, this proposal is likely to be passed by Congress if Duque does win the presidential elections.

President Santos extended the provision of supplies for former FARC combatants in the Territorial Training and Reincorporation Spaces (ETCR) for the second time this week, setting the new deadline for the end of June. From then on, the former combatants will be responsible for their own food supply, and will apply the agriculture and livestock farming techniques learned during their stay in the ETCR.3

ELN and GOC peace talks make progress, while confrontations continue in border regions

The ELN and GOC continued the 5th Round of talks in Quito this week, focusing on agreeing the terms of a new bilateral ceasefire. Meanwhile, rebels from the group have been accused of kidnapping a public services manager in Arauca,4 an ELN attack was foiled in Chocó,5 and a soldier from the Army’s Vulcano Task Force was killed in confrontations with the EPL in Norte de Santander this week.6

The Pacific port city of Tumaco was blacked out after an attack on an electricity pylon on March 26, and although responsibility has not yet been attributed to any group, confrontations between FARC dissidents, the ELN, and paramilitary groups seeking to control this strategic corridor to the Pacific have been frequent.7 Three journalists from the El Comercio newspaper were also kidnapped across the border in Ecuador the same day, supposedly by the dissident FARC group led by alias “Guacho.”8


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